Golden Ink Solutions

About Us


Dear Author, our company Golden Ink Solutions exist to help authors like you learn the truth about this generation’s publishing world. We exist to help you publish your books under your own name where you can earn up to 70% of every copy of your book sold. Yes!!! You can finally have your published work sold at a competitive price that book lovers and readers can agree with. And finally you can market your book and get the results you want!

Are you an author that has published a book or books with a publishing company that you have given your trust to and now their publishing and marketing consultants have been calling you to purchase more services because they think your book would make a good movie? Or will sell thousands if not millions if you purchase this and that marketing service? Have you been paying the hidden charges in editing even if you checked your author copy over and over again for mistakes and you found none?  But when your book is finally declared published, family and friends tell you there are countless mistakes in the book you have written. How about that Radio interview and the Book review marketing packages that promised your book will be “seen” by industry decision makers, how many books did you sell? It goes on and on and on. And you spend on and on and on hoping this time, your book will be read and that this time you will start selling thousands of copies… but then there’s the problem with your book being priced so high and the questionable royalty distribution.

Our promise: To provide authors all around the world the Golden opportunity to be discovered and their books read by offering truthful, affordable and effective marketing services.

The potential growth of your career as a published author is virtually limitless the moment you decide to make your book or books visible on the World Wide Web. Golden Ink Solutions is a company created for authors with the understanding that every book is unique and must be marketed differently and target readers to build a fan following.

Golden Ink Solutions offers select marketing services and products to all authors, regardless of where or how you published your book. We emphasize on the importance on building your author name and your brand as a writer.